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15 Reasons Why Being a Mom of Boys Brings Magic Into Your Life

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

There is a well-known saying, “Be careful what you ask for.” That proved to be true for me.  You see I grew up in a primarily female household being one of two girls. In high school, I even attended an all-girls’ school. And when my older sister became a mom she had two girls. So as you can see, much estrogen heavily surrounded me.

Here is where an awakening began within me. Being surrounded by “girl drama” or divas did not sit well within me. In high school and then college, when I witnessed the mean girls and dramas, I would say to myself, “Oh Lord, when it’s my time to have kids please send me boys!” Well, as life should have it, I need to be careful about what I ask for since I have been blessed with not one or two but three boys (currently aged 15, 14 & 12). 

boy! oh boy! oh boy!

With every pregnancy, we did find out the gender. The first time they said “it’s a boy” we were ecstatic, and I recall thinking even though I’ve been raised in a primarily girl family, I was made to be a boy mom. Then with my second pregnancy when I mentioned it was going to be another boy, the usual response was are you going to go for the girl?

I did ponder if I would seek the girl since I do enjoy glitter, stickers, and ruffles. But at the time I truly felt that we wanted more babies and either gender would be great. Truth be told, deep inside I felt I was made to be a mom of boys. And sure enough, within a year and a half, I got pregnant with my third baby and yes, it was a boy! You know what they say, three is a charm!

Not sure in it’s a Miami thing or Latin culture expectation but more than three times I was asked if I would try again for a girl. I will not lie and let you know of course I thought about it since I always wanted four kids. However, I felt a deep gratitude in my heart that I was the proud mom of 3 healthy boys, #momofboys.

the societal remark of needing a girl made me reflect and appreciate how happy and blessed i am to have been chosen a #momofboys.

And it has been an observation of mine that being a mom of boys is something that unexpectedly happens in threes (but there might be truth to the saying your vibe attracts your tribe). In many cases when I have come across a #momofboys they happen to have 3 boys (or more). This observation led me to think that I have been blessed with the “trinity” because with boys one thing is for sure, moms of boys pray a lot.

reasons i love being a mom of boys

Since the inception, I was very proud of being called a “boy mom.”  In fact, every time I was questioned if I wanted a girl or if I was going to “go for the girl” (all the boy moms know what I am talking about) it motivated me to make a list of why I LOVED being a mom of boys. I LOVE being a #momofboys because:

1. they've taught me what unconditional love feels like!

My first-born wasn’t even an hour old, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Everyone tells you when you are expecting that your life will change, but nobody shared with me the overwhelming feeling of “love at first sight” that would overcome me (and then times it times three).

2. I love that they are active.

Having boys’ keeps me on my toes and awake and alert! Since they were little at the park, I always had to chase them and run around. Boys typically have ants in their pants that make them dance. And this mom loves to dance.

3. I love that i don't have to shop (all the time).

I know it’s rare, but I do not love to shop, hence #momofboys. They only need the basics: jeans, khakis, white collared shirt, blazer (for special occasions), a few shorts and shirts and they are happy campers.

4. I love that they make me laugh

Boys are constantly pranking each other. This one took me a while to adapt to, but I realized I needed to have more fun, chill, and laugh more.

5. I love all the funny noises

Let’s face it, farts are funny and everybody poops!

6. I love that they are born for adventure and the great outdoors

Boys are wired to want an adrenaline rush and to seek adventure. Being messy and dirty is OK with me! They remind me constantly that life is messy!

7. I love that they are okay with good enough

Boys do it just right, not more, not less! They have taught me to let go of perfection and accept “good enough.”

8. I love that they look up to their dad.

Since I am their female voice, if they’re not in agreement they will seek their dad’s approval and acceptance. This makes my heart skip a beat knowing we are all on the same team.

9. I love that i learn something new everyday.

Learning about cars, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Fornite, Legos, fishing (just to name a few) has taught me new interests and has expanded my knowledge in ways I would have not known if it wasn’t for my boys. I will not lie that makeup, dolls, and Barbies would have been nice since I loved playing with dolls with my sister. But I love expanding my horizons.

10. I love how they forgive and forget.

Boys tend to push each other and crave the roughhousing (also took me a while to adapt to this primal behavior). But the fact that they so easily fight it out and talk it out in seconds with no drama is my speed. Life is too short to hold grudges.

11. I love their zest for sports.

I am not competitive in nature, so they have taught me the importance sports have in teaching them grit and being part of a team.

12. I love that they teach me to keep the faith!

Raising boys into noble and hardworking gentlemen of honor is a daunting responsibility.  Therefore, praying and asking for a little divine intervention is something I tap into on a regular basis.

13. I love that they seek comfort in my arms.

They are natural snugglers (melts my heart every time).

14. I love that they are easy as sunday morning.

For the most part, they do not require much explanation–no is no, and yes is yes. They have taught me to not overthink situations and to go more with the flow.

15. I love that i get to be their cheerleader for life.

Being a cheerleader is in my DNA. Therefore, I love and accept the challenge to be their cheerleader for life! They will fail, they will fall, they will make mistakes but I will be on the sidelines to cheer them on win or lose.

boy mom

Recently, on my This Girl Podcast I had Monica Swanson on. She’s an extraordinary mom of four boys who has dedicated the past 10 years to blogging, writing, and podcasting about being a “BOY MOM!”  In episode 45, both Monica and I share a heartfelt burning desire to help and enlighten moms about the trials and rewards on raising boys into noble men.  Monica’s blog post–What a teenage boy needs most from his mom–went viral and led her to write the book Boy Mom and create Boy Mom podcast dedicated to talking about all things boys: puberty, video games, family, middle school, son’s college application journey, and so much more.

I recently read BOY MOM and would love to invite all of you moms of boys to get a copy.  I invite you to be part of the #momofboys sisterhood of motherhood and let’s connect. Visit or DM me @pocketfulofdaisy on IG.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom of boys?

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